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Farming Opportunity for Young Kenyans: Sweet Potatoes

Agriculture is going digital and cool as many Kenyan youth embracing farming as a means of investment and capital accumulation. Agriculture has traditionally been considered a no-go zone for many uppity Kenyans who prefer white collar jobs to toiling in the farms like their parents or grandparents.  But several factors are driving the young educated Kenyan youth back to the farms. Many Kenyan youth are unemployed, underemployed or just looking for new ways to grow their wealth quickly.

While some young people now have more disposable income, they are clueless about where to pump their investments. With bank loan rates in Kenya now hovering at 19%, it helps to have a good investment strategy in agriculture that will eventually pay off. One of the most profitable sectors where young Kenyans can invest in and break even relatively quickly is that of sweet potato farming. Once a fringe industry, the sweet potato industry has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent years as more consumers become aware of its many health benefits. One of its most avid fans is Prince Charles who gets his sweet potatoes, rabuon in the local dialect-directly from the farmers in Kabondo, Homa Bay County.

Sweet potato farming has a very a low bar for entry. With as little as Ksh.15,000, you can invest on an acre of the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes do not require fertilizers or any pesticides. You can plant the sweet potatoes as soon as you prepare the land and the highly profitable crops only take about 5 months to mature. That means you can have two planting seasons in a year.  The crops can also be intercropped with maize and beans so as to increase your yield. 

There are numerous markets in Kenya where you can sell your sweet potatoes. These include hotels, restaurants, Gikomba market, Marikiti market, hospitals, supermarkets, export markets and many others. The price of a bag of sweet potato typically ranges from Ksh.2500 to Ksh.7000 depending on the seasons. With an investment of Ksh.15,000 per acre of sweet potatoes, you can earn anything between Ksh50,000 to Ksh.140,000 per acre depending on the season when the sweet potato is harvested.

For assistance on sweet potato farming in Kenya, contact Kabondo Farms on or call 0711417887. Based in Homa Bay County, the company provides a host of services to sweet potato farmers in Kenya.

These include:-

  •  Varieties of sweet potatoes that suitable for the Kenyan and the foreign markets.
  •  Areas that are suitable for sweet potato farming in Kenya
  •  The capital investments that are needed for sweet potato farming in Kenya and the projected returns per acre on your sweet potato investments.
  •  Sweet potato marketing, sweet potato exporting and exporters’ information and sweet potato market survey.
  •  Sweet potato farming and farm layout for new farmers.
  •  Sweet potato pests and diseases and pest control so as to maximize on your yields.
  •  Sweet potato business plan preparations, market contacts and other useful information to help you market your sweet potato produce. 
 Get in touch with our team and let us get you started on a profitable sweet potato farming venture. There is sweetness in sweet potatoes,not only in the taste and the nutrients but also in the potential returns that you can get by investing in sweet potatoes. We assist both beginners who are getting started on sweet potato farming in Kenya to experienced farmers looking for new ways to improve their yield and get access to new markets. If you are interested in sweet potato farming, we are your trusted productivity partner. Email us at or call 0711417887 and let us make 2014 a Productive Year.

Buy the sweet potatoes produced in Kenya

Kenyan sweet potatoes produced in Kabondo are amongst the most nutritious in the world and also have the reputation of being 100% organically produced. While the varieties of the sweet potatoes have increased in the recent years, the traditional methods of producing the sweet potatoes are still being widely used guaranteeing producers crops that are produced under pure organic conditions. No pesticides or fertilizers are used in the production of the Kabondo sweet potatoes.

The Kabondo sweet potato industry has seen a galloping growth in the recent years as the interest in sweet potatoes as a viable health superfood continues to grow. Kabondo farmers are now commercializing the production and selling the sweet potatoes to markets throughout Kenya and around the world. Some of the key markets served by the Kabondo Farms include the Middle East, the EU and South Africa. Sweet potatoes are now a popular delicacy in many restaurants around the world thanks to its nutrient value and availability throughout the year.

Sweet potatoes grown in Kabondo are also popular in many homes where they preferred for their health value. Families that practice healthy eating and living make sweet potatoes an integral part of their diets.  The vegetable is particularly important for people living with AIDS.  The sweet potatoes from Kabondo also have a high anti-oxidant and beta carotene value which makes them highly suitable as a healthy superfood.

Get in touch with Kabondo Farms at or 0711417887 for fresh supplies of sweet potatoes produced under the most organic of conditions. The distribution of sweet potatoes is available for buyers throughout Kenya, South Africa, Middle East and the EU. Kabondo Farms ships fresh sweet potatoes with excellent packaging and at the most affordable prices.

Sweet Potato Exporters Kenya

Sweet potatoes are used in a variety of dishes thanks to their nutritional value and with the growth of research in sweet potato production and the  various sweet potato variety, the nutrient value and the   production of the sweet potatoes in Kenya has been on a rapid rise in the recent years. Kabondo is the leading sweet potato producer in Kenya providing farm fresh, good quality sweet potatoes that have been grown the natural way via organic farming methods. Sweet potato exports are provided to South Africa, the Middle East and the EU. 

With planting seasons spread out throughout the year, we can guarantee an all-year supply of sweet potatoes to any destination in the world and at affordable prices. Customers are guaranteed fresh, organically grown sweet potatoes with excellent packaging. 

To make inquiries on sweet potato exports from Kenya, drop an email to or call 0711417887 for more information.