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Top Five Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potato tuber and leaves are a nutritional powerhouse and “superfood” which is highly recommended by many nutritionists. It packs numerous minerals and nutrients that will contribute to your overall well being. The biggest advantage of this superfood is that it is readily available and inexpensive so it is something you can afford on a very regular basis. The deep orange fleshed sweet potatoes are considered amongst the most nutritious.  Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding sweet potatoes to your daily diet:-

Superior Fibre Content
The sweet potatoes have much higher fiber content per serving compared to other potatoes and even yam varieties.  They therefore make the best starchy addition to your diets. The high fiber content in the sweet potatoes also contributes to their slow burning quality which leads to the more efficient usage of the caloric energy compared to other low fibre carbohydrates that you are probably more used to in your diets.

The sweet potatoes are very good for the heart.  This is due to the abundance of the Vitamin B6 in the sweet potato tubers which helps in breaking down the homocysteine. The homocysteine is the substance which makes the arteries and blood vessels to harden thus leading to various pulmonary conditions.  The intake of Vitamin B6 will help in keeping enhancing the flexibility of the blood vessels thus leading to smoother flow of blood. Healthy consumption of sweet potatoes is therefore very key to stopping heart attacks.

Sweet potatoes also contain a large and healthy amount of the potassium mineral. This element plays a crucial role in the body by lowering body pressure and regulating the balance of fluids in the body.  It is also serves as an electrolyte in the body which will help in ensuring the natural heart rhythm and the normal functioning of the nervous system and the brain.

High beta-carotene content
Sweet potatoes, particularly the orange-fleshed or OFSP varieties, are very rich in beta-carotene or the Vitamin A which serves as an important anti-oxidant in the body.  As a potent anti-oxidant, the Vitamin A is also very important in preventing various forms of cancer.  Internally, the beta-carotene will help in protecting your skin from the sun damage. More consumption helps you in maintaining your skin’s youthful elasticity. It is also important for the eye-health. But it is its antioxidant property which is most critical to your overall well being.

A rich source of Manganese
Apart from the potassium, sweet potatoes are also a very rich source for Manganese. And how is Manganese important for your health?  It is a trace mineral with innumerable health benefits.  It is crucial for the carbohydrate metabolism and therefore helps in supporting healthy and balanced sugar levels in the body.  More consumption of the sweet potatoes therefore helps in stabilizing your appetite for a longer period of time compared to other carbohydrates.

Rich source of Vitamins C and E
Sweet potato plays an important role in longevity and disease protection thanks to its rich reservoir of the Vitamins C and E.  These Vitamins contribute not just to your bodily health but also to the good health and beauty of your skin as well as hair. Sweet potatoes are sometimes regarded as “beauty foods”!

Sweet Potato Funding for Marketing Institute

The Kabondo Farms Group is seeking funding to build a sweet potato marketing institute in Kenya which will be based in Nairobi with subsidiaries in Homa Bay, Trans Nzoia, Kakamega and Kiambu amongst other sweet potato growing areas in Kenya. These funds will go towards the promotion of the Kenyan sweet potato farming and consumption in both the local and international markets.

 The marketing agency will focus on the generic promotion of fresh and processed sweet potatoes. Our promotional activities will target the retailers, consumers, farmers, food services as well as food manufacturers in order to increase the intake of nutritious sweet potatoes in Kenya and beyond. In this regard, the Kenyan sweet potato marketing institute will also represent the interests of Kenyan sweet potato growers in the international trade by ensuring consistent market access and adherence to export standards in the EU market.

Part of the funds will go into building the marketing group website while the rest will be used in promotional activities including agricultural shows, online marketing, educational materials, management overheads, creating marketing linkages and funding the offices and logistical operations in Kenya. Farmers and farmer groups interested in participating in the program will be required to make annual membership contributions of Ksh.500 per farmer or Ksh.1500 per farmer group.

The perks of membership will include regular market linkages for your sweet potato produce, being featured on our website where clients from across the world can access your profile, advise on sweet potato export requirements, access to the desired varieties of sweet potatoes , regular updates via SMS on sweet potato prices in Kenya and much more.

The farmers and companies interested in participating in our program are advised to contact the team at the latest opportunity for expression of interest and the payment of membership fee for the marketing institute. We are a work in progress and will in due course appoint a steering board with members drawn from all the leading sweet potato growing areas.

Ongoing work

We are currently in the process of filing applications for funding for the Kenyan Sweet Potato Marketing Institute for the year 2015/2016. For more information about this latest initiative or to express your interest in partnering with us, please send us an email to or call 0717444786.

Buy Sweet Potatoes in Nairobi

Give us a call for prompt deliveries of sweet potatoes anywhere in Nairobi. You can place orders of any amount ranging from a few Kgs to several bags of sweet potatoes. Buy anything from the traditional varieties to the orange fleshed sweet potatoes from a reliable supplier. The prices are very affordable and deliveries are guaranteed within a period of 24 hours in all Nairobi neighborhoods.

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