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Update on Sweet Potato Vines Prices in Kenya

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Due to the shortage of sweet potato vines in Kenya currently, we have updated the prices of our sweet potato vines to Ksh.1500 per bag. A single bag contains more than 1000 vines and is enough to plant several lines. We sell the yellow fleshed variety of sweet potatoes which are currently the most commercially viable property for many Kenyan farmers and fetch up to Ksh.7500 per 90kg in the Kenyan market right now. To place your orders for sweet potato vines, Email now. We deliver within 2-3 days after you place an order and pay a deposit that should be at least 60% of the total price. The remaining 40% is paid upon delivery. Happy planting!

Top 8 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes are Good For You

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Many people in Kenya invest in sweet potato production for quick cash or consume sweet potatoes without knowing the numerous benefits that they could derive from this superfood. There are many reasons why many nutritionists advocate the consumption of sweet potatoes. The most obvious is that they packs lots of nutrients. Sweet potatoes contain some of the most important nutrients including a high Vitamin A Content, a factor that gives them their orange color.

There are plenty of reasons why you should love sweet potatoes and include them in your diet. Here are 10 of them:-

1. Sweet Potatoes will offer you life-saving nutrition:- Sweet potatoes generally come in many colors including white, yellow, orange and purple fleshed varieties. The white ones do not have any Vitamin A while the yellow fleshed ones are packed with lots of Vitamin A. This is particularly important in Kenya and Africa where millions of kids suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. Consuming lots of these orange fleshed sweet potatoes will help kids to avoid diseases, blindness and other health conditions caused by vitamin A deficiency.
2. Sweet potatoes are good for food security. When other crops fail, sweet potatoes will be available at times of famine to help you supplement your diet.
3. Sweet potatoes can be planted to help you in generating an income. In a previous post, we have shown that you could make as much as 100,000 per acre of sweet potatoes.
4. Sweet potatoes have been a valuable sources of Vitamins A, B, C and E. It even contains iron and zinc. Just a little scoop of sweet potatoes can meet a child’s need of these vitamins.
5. Sweet potatoes can also be used for animal feeds. They can be used as feeds for chickens. Farmers who have fed sweet potatoes to their chickens have reported that the hens are able to produce better quality eggs. Dairy cattle that have been fed on high-protein sweet potatoes will produce less methane gas. Unlike other grains and plants commonly grown in Kenya, sweet potatoes require less rain.
6. Sweet potatoes grow in almost any condition: Sweet potatoes are a very versatile crop. They will thrive in any hot and moist condition. They can be used in making numerous sweet potato recipes.
7. Sweet potatoes are generally sweet and delicious to taste. It is one of the sweetest way to take up vitamins.
8. You can intercrop them with other crops such as maize and beans in order to prevent build up of pest. This is because from a different plant family and the plants that attacks maize will not attack sweet potatoes.

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Sweet Potato Farming in Kenya: Let Us Do the Planting for You

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There are people who want to engage in sweet potato farming in Kenya but they are afraid to take the risks or are completely unfamiliar with how to go about with the process the first time. We now make it very easy for you. We are now offering a new kind of service for the hesitant agribusiness investor: the sweet potato planting service.

What does the sweet potato planting service entail?

If you are interested in the service, simply send us a call in order to discuss the particulars. You can email us on We will send you a quote per acre and once you have agreed to work with us and we have signed a legal contract, we will basically take over your farm for one week and do the tilling, re-tilling, preparing mounds, securing the vines and planting sweet potatoes for you.  We come with our experienced team of planters and make sure this is done the right way in order to maximize your harvests.

When it is ready to invest, we can also assist you with washing, bagging, and transporting to the market in Nairobi for a small fee. This is a risk-free agreement where you are able to put more of your land into productive use for a very small price and make it profitable with expert management. If you are interested in this kind of arrangement, email